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How To Brand Your Social Media Profile

Your social media profile is representing your brand either personal or corporate branding. Remember that “First Impressions Last”

Make it a brochure of your brand where a client/customer can see from the profile itself if you would bring them value or your brand is the one that they are looking for.

👀📜Important Details📜👀

These are the basic details that you have to pay attention to creating your profile:

 Your Name (Brand Name)

- You can use your complete name or your brand name. It should be easy to remember and searchable online. Be mindful that your brand name is part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Your Profile Picture

- Choose a good photo of your brand. If it's a personal brand(Public Figure, Personal Blog, Business Owner etc.) You can use your good looking picture. Do not settle with a selfie. It's not necessary to have a formal picture as long as it brings positive aura in your profile.

- If your brand is a corporate brand or an organization, you can use a logo.

Once you have chosen your profile picture, make it your default profile pic across your social media so it could easily be recognized.

Tip: Name your photo with your brand name before uploading as it is also part of SEO.

Your Cover Photo - Make it a summary of your story. You can create a cover photo that compiles your brand activity. You can also use a cover that describes your brand. You can use either a short clip of video, slide or just a single image. Just be CREATIVE.

Your Website/Social Media Links:

- Make sure to display it on the main page. It would be nice if you have customized your links across your social media accounts. Use a synchronize link name (e.x etc.)

Your ABOUT Section

- This is where you can showcase your brand by providing more information about it. You can write your story, your BIO, Achievements etc.

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