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Learn To Love Learning

If you want to have a brighter future, you need to learn to love learning. You should be hungry for knowledge and never stop asking for more.

I remember when I was still a student, I was studying very hard just to get good grades. To be honest, I was doing it not because I really love what I was doing but because of the pressure. I put pressure on myself that I need to study very hard in order to get good grades so I can land a good job. My objective way back then was just for good grades. However, through my experiences, I realized that having good grades is never enough.

There was even a time during my Job hunting that I doubted myself. I thought it would be easy for me to get a job but it took me 6 months to get a good offer. During the time of searching, I know that I have to do something to get a job. That was the time I start reading articles, I started to love reading and from then I never stop being a student.

Knowledge is Power

I totally agree with it. There are so many ways to equip ourselves. The resources are already given (Make use of the Internet). All you need is #determination, #self-discipline, and a good attitude. If you want to achieve something and you think you are not yet capable of doing so then you have to do whatever it takes to learn and #leverage yourself to become equipped. Do you want a #promotion? Then do your best to excel, you want to grow your business? then learn more strategies on how to make it grow. It should be a never-ending process of learning. Think of yourself as a plant, you have to water yourself with knowledge so you will grow and bear good fruits of labor.

Learn and learn and learn and then teach....

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